Welcome to Ideas

I’m curious on what type of things people like to read about, what entertains you and what do you like to talk about the most. I want to make my blog into something great but I need ideas from people like you to give me some direction on what to make my next blog about. I could sit here and write about how fancy my sneakers are, my shopping trip to the mall and my first day in Pre-School but those all sound boring and I don’t want you sleeping at your computer for you will drool on your computer and then it will be my fault because you broke your keyboard.

So if your reading this feel free to give me ideas, these ideas can be of anything. A YouTube video you found online and you want me to Review it or just write my outlooks on it, a new game that came out, my first day of high school, things about card games, hobby’s, video games, songs, music anything really.

Now don’t hurt your brain trying to come up with an idea just give me the first thing that pops in your head and I’ll do my best with it but remember if you give me something and I totally make a joke out of it you can’t be upset 🙂



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