Published December 22, 2014 by kairikainfsb3

When you move into a new place you get all excited because you have new space to fill. You go shopping, arrange and rearrange till you sit on the couch and go “Yep, this is it”. Then, you hear a knock on your door. Who could it be? Did you forget you invited someone over? You go up to the door, turn the knob and find your self-staring into the eyes of a stranger.

Having neighbors can be good or bad depending on the neighbor. In some of my cases, I have dealt with more good than bad neighbors. I live in a somewhat quite area with many apartments. Most my neighbors are fabulous but a few others are not. There’s one who lives diagonally from us and she never looks before backing out of her driveway and I can no longer count how many times she’s almost hit me. Someone should buy this woman one of those cars that have the backup camera.

My other neighbor just moved in and so far I’m not too keen on having them as neighbors and its only winter and only been a month. I’m almost scared of summer coming for I don’t know if I want them outside. They look like your typical trailer park type people. You want to tell them to buy new clothes, take a shower and take care of themselves. You know they smoke a lot for they have the smokers voice with that dreadful cough/laugh. I have seen them hanging out Hannaford and Walmart’s parking lot for 30 mins or more. Of course, I don’t know why they’d hang out for 30mins in a parking lot but I also really don’t want to know. I guess come summer I will know if my first impressions of them are correct.

Then there are neighbors I use to have; in neighborhoods, I use to live; where you wish they never moved in. Here’s a small list of some.
1. Peeping tom
2. Loud, obnoxious soccer mom who always stands by your windows
3. Yard messers (their yards are so messy it enters your side)
4. Party goers
5. Loud sex machines!
6. Drug dealers/drunks
7. Trailer park trash
8. Gossip queens

Some of these may be awful, rude and down outright judgmental but be honest with yourself, you have thought some of these things and at one point had these people next door.

The question of the blog: your worst neighbor ever?


3 comments on “Neighbors

  • the worst neighbor I had broke into my house and took my entertainment center dvds my grandmother’s ring right down to the internet modem and they were supposedly a friend


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