Love and hurt feelings all from a gift

Published December 5, 2014 by kairikainfsb3

I’m laying in bed pondering countless subjects I could write about tonight when I came across “The One”. Yes, ” The One” its almost as if this subject jumped to the frontal portion of my skull screaming *pick me! Pick me!* for it is the season of giving, receiving, and possibly exchanging.

Every Holiday, Birthday, Valentines Day or other occasion where gifts are given I find my self staring at that one dreadful gift with that Fake *Awe, thank you* face. For Example, A Vase with fake flowers, something that seemed to resemble burnt wood chips at the bottom and a design that looks as if it was pulled out of a dumpster behind the neighborhood thrift store. (Even they were like “Hell No” and chucked it) The colors resemble something out of a amatures art portfolio who did not understand the concept of color contrasting. What do I do with this thing? So I bring it home put it in every spot I could find; look at it for a moment each time until finally it finds a home in the closet for the next 4-5years.

What I have came to realize at age 25 after all those years of keeping those gifts I’d never use/open I could return/exchange them at the store they were bought from. Now why I didn’t think of that till I had my Baby Shower and I got doubles, triples of items we wouldn’t use is beyond me. I was able to take the item(s) return it to the store for a Gift Card and purchase something I would use or needed. To me it made more since then the original item sitting in my closet for ever.

However, despite the simple fact that this indeed makes more since you still have that one person who gave you the gift pissed off because you exchanged it. Heaven forbid you have a different taste then them or simply just find you don’t like the item. I mean seriously sit down on your chair, sofa or floor and ask your self before you start to complain “would I want my $10-$20 sit in a closet for many months or years? Or would I prefer them to exchange it for something that they do like or need? I recall having only one person in my 25 years of life annoyed that I said I don’t like something or that I won’t use it and exchanged it. I was called ungrateful and heartless. Pardon me for not wanting your money to sit in my closet and pardon me for being honest for if I were you I rather someone tell me they don’t like it for it helps me learn there likes and dislikes.

Please, remember this Holiday season be honest, loving and happy. Please comment and tell me about the time you maybe returned or didn’t return an item you would not use or didn’t like.


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