My face went beat red and I ran for Cover

Published December 2, 2014 by kairikainfsb3

It’s amazing how a laid back day can become a hectic fast paced day in a matter of seconds! I woke up today feeling energized and ready to clean the house from top to bottom and get a shine with the remaining part of my evening being a computer on my lap and soaking up all the Cyber Monday deals. A friend/coworker messaged me seeing if I had the day off and due to her asking I got curious and questionable on weather I really had the day off so I went online to check my schedule for the week. Sure enough I was suppose to be at work and it was currently 10:23am! I was scheduled at 10am! First thought running through my head was “Oh shit, I’m late” and second was “I could just stay home”. I called worked and told them I’d be in shortly that I forgot/didn’t realize I was suppose to be working hung up the phone and got dressed as fast as I could. Started the car let it warm up for a bit for here in Maine if you don’t let it warm up your not going any where.

By the time I got to work it was 11:00 and I punched in at roughly 11:02 but before punching in I had to go into the restroom and fix my pants. During my rushing process I some how managed to put my pants on inside out and button them without noticing. Talk about being embarrassed thou I was lucky no one noticed and I was able to fix this mishap before I did get spotted. Out of all the silly things I’ve done like putting my cell in the fridge, Jelly in the cupboard this is by far the worst.

In the comments feel free to tell me about the time you did something like this and you was lucky no one noticed, Or did they?


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