The Beginning

Published August 28, 2014 by kairikainfsb3

Every little girl believes in Fairy Tales and wants to be a princess with a prince and a castle. We dream of having a bedroom with old style canopy beds and tons of colorful flowers and a pony outside. However, I was never your typical little girl for I wanted to play with those small plastic army men and G.I Joe’s. I wanted a Car room with my favorite old style cars on the walls and wheels popping out of the wall. As I was growing up I never followed what was “the in thing” at the time instead I did what I wanted, liked what I wanted and became who I am today through all my decisions and mistakes. Mistakes are what brought me to where I am today and have written a chapter in my life that I feel I can share with the world and build other chapters from it. I now have an amazing family with a beautiful little girl and the life that may not always be perfect but is perfect to me.

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