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I’m a Monopoly addict

Published August 31, 2014 by kairikainfsb3

Monopoly Fast Dealing Property Dealing Game

Since I was a little girl I have been fascinated with the game Monopoly. All aspects of the game caught my attention from the playing pieces to the board. I Loved how I could play the game millions of times and never get sick of it even thou most the time I won. The one thing I got out of playing Monopoly as a young child was I learned at a young age how to manage my money and the value of a dollar. This of which is something very important as you get into your adult life. The other thing I learned from Monopoly is how to be strategic and think my moves out wisely. Now if only I could play Chess.

  1. 0065356981968_500X500Monopoly Hotel, Retails at roughly $14.99 and is recommended for ages 8+. In this version of Monopoly you have 65 cards and 2 different color set of 5 hotel room floors. 2 people go head to head drawing cards, paying money or collecting money while putting your rival in a disastrous situation so you can get your hotel 5 stories high before them. It’s fun, action filled and well different. However the downside is after you play this game about 10-15 times there’s not much more you can do to change the play a bit. Great game for anyone under 17 (honestly)
  2. 5.0.3Monopoly Nintendo Edition, Retails at roughly $24.99 and is recommended for ages 8+. This version is just like the original only you have Nintendo characters. It brings the original to a new level for now your battling your rivals for your favorite characters while also trying to kick their butt at the game. This version doesn’t lose it’s value nor can you get bored (well unless your game last 4 hours..then you may be bored)
  3. P1050436_zpsc8c73f96Monopoly Nottingham Edition. You can get this for Roughly $40-50 on E-bay. Recommend for ages 8+. This version is based on England and again like the Nintendo one if you aren’t from England this will keep you entertained and you may even learn something new. However if you live in England it will prob bore you. To me this one is fun, but not the best just happy to have it on my shelf.
  4. cityville-monopoly-1Monopoly CityVille 2012 Edition. Recommend for ages 8+ and Retails for roughly $24.99. This is taken straight from the Hasbro website “You’re the mayor and you need to grow your city to keep the citizens happy. Build houses, set up businesses and provide community spaces any way you want! With more chances to buy properties, you’ll be able to build your city fast. Decorate your properties with Mystery Gifts and also share some with friends. They’ll increase the amount of rent you can collect. Be the first to grow your neighborhoods and build four skyscrapers to win!” – It’s not lying you legit can DECORATE YOUR PROPERTIES, the upside is it’s fun and doesn’t get boring. The downside is learning how to play at first is a pain in your ASS and very mind boggling. I remember us staring at the directions for this game for 10 mins and then while playing we had to keep going back to the directions even thou it didn’t make since the first time.
  5. 49067Monopoly Millionaire Card Dealing Game, Recommend for ages 8+ and Retails for roughly $5.99. This one is weird and by weird I mean weird. Who knew you could play Monopoly as a card game? You have to be the first to get Million in your bank pile. You play by picking up cards and these cards have property, money and actions on them. You can play any combination of cards to try to beat your rival. The best part is you get a “Just say No” card and a “Property steal card” so you can say no to someone trying to take your stuff or making you pay but at same time you can steal their property cards even if they have all three. This Card game is fun, weird and boring all in one. After a while you start to repeat the same steps and it gets old quick, but all in all it’s still a good version of my favorite game.
  6. monopoly-millionaire-4Monopoly Millionaire Bored Game, Recommend for ages 8+ and Retails for roughly $22.99. Fun, fast paced. The idea is to be the first to Million. You can win this game in 4 turns legit we have done it. The upside about this version is it’s fast and doesn’t take 4 hours. Down side is it’s almost too short of a game and after you play a few times you learn the best way to get to Million fast so it makes it sorta unfun for people that come over to play with you. Very flashy board and cards. The money is card board not paper. Your playing pieces come in different sizes. Hey what the heck give it a go you may like and what’s the worst that can happen?

The one Monopoly game I want to kick my self in the but for getting rid of when I was 10 years old is Monopoly Pokemon Collectors Edition. Man that game was awesome and you could even play as a Pokemon which made it all more fun. That game at the time was $25-30 new and now it’s worth up to $50+ which don’t surprise me for being a Pokemon game. The bored it self was pretty and had so many things to look at from the Pokemon on the properties to the middle of the bored to even the cards and the money. It was so detailed and hit Pokemon right on the nose.f971These are the characters you could play as and if you can see the bored in the picture it was EPIC! So please if you are anything like me and have any cool games of your own DO not and I repeat DO not give them up!

Before I end this Post. Please tell me what you think in the Comments and if you are wondering you can purchase any of these games at Stores like Target, Walmart, Toys R us and online at Amazon or Ebay.

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The Beginning

Published August 28, 2014 by kairikainfsb3

Every little girl believes in Fairy Tales and wants to be a princess with a prince and a castle. We dream of having a bedroom with old style canopy beds and tons of colorful flowers and a pony outside. However, I was never your typical little girl for I wanted to play with those small plastic army men and G.I Joe’s. I wanted a Car room with my favorite old style cars on the walls and wheels popping out of the wall. As I was growing up I never followed what was “the in thing” at the time instead I did what I wanted, liked what I wanted and became who I am today through all my decisions and mistakes. Mistakes are what brought me to where I am today and have written a chapter in my life that I feel I can share with the world and build other chapters from it. I now have an amazing family with a beautiful little girl and the life that may not always be perfect but is perfect to me.

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